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Reciprocating Saw Working Principle
Jul 23, 2018

First, the realization of the reciprocating motion of the saw blade: the most common crank linkage mechanism transmission, which converts the rotation of the crank into a reciprocating motion of the reciprocating rod on a straight line. The bearing and the large gear form a crank, one end of the connecting rod is connected with the reciprocating rod through a universal joint, and the other end of the connecting rod is connected with the crank; the motor drives the large gear to rotate, and the reciprocating rod is driven to reciprocate back and forth through the connecting rod. In order to balance, a balance block is assembled, which is driven by the eccentric to reciprocate simultaneously with the reciprocating rod.

Second, the realization of the sawing motion of the saw blade: realized by a rocker mechanism. The lifting knife bracket is equipped with a return spring, one end of which is connected with the movable block, the reciprocating rod passes through the movable block, and the other end is interlocked with the lifting knife hook, reciprocating During the movement, the lifting hook also moves back and forth at the same time, and the lifting knife bracket is hooked and acted together by the hook, thereby driving the movable block and the reciprocating rod to perform the up and down swinging motion. The lifting shaft is processed with different end faces, through Adjusting the end face of the lifting shaft can obtain different swing amplitudes.

Third, the saw blade clamping mechanism: it clamps the saw blade through the pressure plate and the fixing screw, and is fixed on the head of the reciprocating rod. There is a positioning pin on the end face of the reciprocating rod to hook the saw blade to prevent the saw blade from coming off. The saw blade chuck device is available in both normal and fast versions. Generally, the fast clamping mechanisms have been protected by patents of some well-known brand companies. If they are to be used, patent issues must be considered.