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Reciprocating Saw Blade Related Knowledge
Jul 23, 2018

First, the concept of reciprocating saw blade

The reciprocating saw refers to the saw blade used for cutting and cutting the pipes and profiles on the reciprocating saw.

Wood, green wood, plastic products, cement, asbestos board, ceramic products, etc., can be cut straight and reciprocally, so it is called reciprocating saw blade, also called saber saw blade. Reciprocating saw is also a common power tool because power is used as cutting power, so reciprocating saw blade is also a common power tool consumables.

Two, the use of reciprocating saws

Reciprocating saw blades are widely used in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aviation, furniture, decoration, railway, machining, fire rescue, windows.

Demolition, pipe cutting and other industries, high precision, good results, so the market has been vigorously promoted and praised.

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