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Jig Saw Blade Cutting And Cutting Fluid
Jul 23, 2018

Everyone knows that in metal cutting, we have to use professional cutting fluid? No cutting fluid is replaced by water. What is the role of cutting fluid in the cutting of the jig saw blade? For everyone, the jigsaw blade is used to cut the cutting fluid. details as follows:

1. The jig saw blade uses the cutting fluid in the cutting to play the role of lubricating the saw blade, reducing the resistance of the saw blade to move back and forth, so that it has smoother reciprocating motion in the back and forth.

2. The jig saw blade is used in conjunction with the jet cutting fluid to reduce the temperature. Therefore, the professional cutting fluid is sometimes called the coolant. In order to prevent the saw blade from rubbing back and forth during the metal cutting, the surface temperature of the saw blade rises sharply. Saw blade sawtooth burnout or high temperature return. If there is no professional cutting fluid, we can use cold water, soapy water, etc. instead.

3. Based on the improvement of the above two aspects, the use of cutting fluid plus correct operating specifications can greatly extend the service life of the jig saw blade.