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Bevel Cutting Method For Jig Saw Blade
Jul 23, 2018

In daily work, we often encounter the need to cut the bevel, so how to use the jig saw blade to quickly cut the bevel? How to use the jig saw blade to cut the bevel better? We have revealed that most jigsaw machines have the function of cutting the 45-degree bevel. When it is necessary to cut the 45-degree bevel, we should first unmount the jigsaw base and the saw-body link screws. Move the base to the far right, then move the base longitudinally to the desired angle and then install the jig saw blade to cut the bevel. There is a stamp on the base of the jigsaw machine. We can adjust it according to our needs. After cutting the bevel, we will remove the jig saw in time and then restore the jigsaw.

Note: When cutting the bevel with a jig saw blade, only the straight bevel can be cut, otherwise the jig saw bar will break easily.