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Advantages Of Reciprocating Chainsaw
Jul 23, 2018

1, electronic speed control function, can be used for different materials, using different speeds for cutting;

2. Multi-level swing adjustment, imitating the user moving the saw blade up and down during cutting, so that the user can cut the material more quickly and labor-saving;

3, can rotate the bottom plate, convenient for users to use tools;

4, large stroke length, cutting faster.

About the maintenance of the reciprocating chainsaw is necessary. Let me introduce the maintenance of the reciprocating chainsaw:

Proper maintenance of the reciprocating chainsaw can extend the life of the reciprocating chainsaw.

A. Select high-quality machines for installing reciprocating saw blades. Saw blades are important accessories for sawing machines. Only good horses with good saddles can be more beneficial to the life of saw blades.

B. Correct operation and adjustment are the most important factors to ensure the service life of the reciprocating saw blade. To select the right cutting material and the cutting blade to be cut, the width, tooth shape and pitch of the saw blade are very important factors.

C, the correct use of the rules, the correct use and operation is also very important, including the cutting speed of the gear adjustment, the size of the feed pressure and the operator's operating habits are very important factors.

D. Properly and correctly use the cutting fluid. When the reciprocating saw blade is used to cut wood and plastic generally soft materials, it is generally not necessary to use cutting fluid. However, if it is a hard and hot material such as cutting metal, it is necessary to add cutting fluid.