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Makita Type Jig Saw Blade

Metal Cutting Band Saw Blades

Metal Cutting Band Saw Blades

Product title: NO.3F Milled and side set teeth OF BIM
Milled and side set teeth : Teeth milled , side set...Chat Now



Straight cutting idea for epoxy hardwood softwood

laminated boards insulated and heat insulation meterials and plastic

Product title: NO.3F Milled and side  set teeth OF BIM

Milled and side  set teeth : Teeth milled , side set

Blade with relatively rough cut and quick work progress cutting into hard and softwood, aluminium, plastics and non-ferrous  metals

BIM: Bi-metal, a highly elastic bond of HSS and HCS to meet the greatest demands .Especially suitable for use in hardwood ,abrasive wooden materials ,hard plastics ,and harder materials such as non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal

The flexible BIM saw blades are used ,for example,if there is a risk of shank breakage

They have a lifetime about twice as long as the HSS blades and last approx . 10 times longer than HCS blades .This means that  they are excellent value for money

Special handle for cutting hardwood in MAKITA machine


Q1: How about the packing of your product?

We have made dozens of saw blade packaging, different types of packaging meet the needs of different customers, we aimed at the performance of the product itself, launched a variety of suit combination series for customers to choose.

Q2: What is the area of your factory?

Our factory has a working area of 3000 square meters

Q3: Are there any technician in your factory?

Our factory has  own  Research and development department ,  which is engaged in the maintenance and development of machinery and equipmen

Q4: What products does your factory mainly manufacture?

Our factory mainly produces jig saw blade,Reciprocating saw blades,Oscillating Multifunction tool and Hacksaw blade

Q5: Are your models complete?

There are more than 200 types of saw blade, all kinds of models are complete, the tooth shape is diversified, all kinds of different interfaces are suitable for different machines.