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Makita Type Jig Saw Blade

Makita Jig Saw Blades for Metal

Makita Jig Saw Blades for Metal

Product title: NO.2 Milled and wavy set teeth
Milled and wavy set teeth: Teeth milled, wavy set...Chat Now



Medium-thick sheet metal(2.5-6mm)

Product title: NO.2  Milled and wavy set teeth

Milled and wavy set teeth: Teeth milled, wavy set

Blade for fine, straight cutting results into plywood, soft steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals and  plastics

HSS: Fully-hardened high-grade high speed steel for use with harder materials such as meta l, aluminium and  non-ferrous metal

The significance of steel as the most important building material is constantly invreasing.Metal components have to be cut to length or adjusted in size,in order to meet given size or space requirements on the construction site.

Conventional metal jigsaw blades are often unsatisfactory where cutting speed and lifetime are concerned ,and therefore do not meet the expectations of professional users.The new jigsaw blades in the Speed for Metal series offer unrivalled cutting speed and superior lifetime when cutting metal , e.g. sawing thick perforated sheet metals or thick-walled metal profiles.