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What are the categories of jig saw blades?
Jul 23, 2018

As the use of jig saw blades in sheet metal cutting is higher, the classification of jig saw blades for specific materials is also more detailed. What type of saw blade have you used before? Is he suitable for your cutting materials?

What type of saw blade does your jigsaw use? According to the material of the jig saw blade, it can be generally divided into a hard alloy saw blade, a high speed steel saw blade, a double metal saw blade, an alloy tool steel, a diamond saw blade and the like.

These types of jig saw blades are suitable for the type of material being cut:

First, the carbide saw blade is mainly used for cutting stainless steel plates or alloy materials with relatively high hardness.

Second, high-speed steel saw blades are mainly used for sawing soft metals, aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

Third, the bimetallic jig saw blade is mainly used for cutting general metals, sandwich materials, wood, plastics, and the like.

Fourth, the main tool of alloy tool steel is cutting fiber products, rubber, plastic products, artificial stone and so on.

Fifth, diamond coated jig saw blades are mainly used for fragile and fragile materials, such as glass and ceramics.