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The difference between jigsaw and reciprocating saw
Jul 23, 2018

The reciprocating saw has a fixed base, and the processed material is limited by the length of the pull saw arm, but the machining precision is high. The jigsaw is held in the hand and is not limited by the size of the material. It is relatively easy to process.

1. The jig saw is mainly used for cutting metal and non-ferrous metals. When cutting metal, the chip handling ability is stronger. Larger serrations (6,8 tpi) are more efficient when cutting wood and other wood products. Carbon steel jigsaws are used to cut a variety of woods and non-metals. The serrations are sharpened and conical, cutting fast and with a higher chip handling capacity.

2. The reciprocating saw is driven by the most common crank-link mechanism, which converts the rotation of the crank into a reciprocating motion of the reciprocating rod on a straight line. The bearing and the large gear form a crank, one end of the connecting rod is connected with the reciprocating rod through a universal joint, and the other end of the connecting rod is connected with the crank; the motor drives the large gear to rotate, and the reciprocating rod is driven to reciprocate back and forth through the connecting rod. In order to balance, a balance block is assembled, which is driven by the eccentric to reciprocate simultaneously with the reciprocating rod.