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Specification for the use of jig saw blades
Jul 23, 2018

In order to make better use of the jig saw blade, to extend the service life and achieve a better perfect cutting effect, we recommend that customers must strictly regulate the operating specifications:

1. Each jig saw blade has different specifications and applicable range due to different tooth shapes, different tooth pitches and different materials. It is necessary to use different types of saw blades according to the recommended cutting material and cutting thickness, otherwise it will affect the cutting of the saw blade. Effect and service life.

2, we must try our best to cooperate with the imported jig saw of the well-known brand. Check whether the saw blade is installed or not before the cutting. Whether the saw blade is installed stably or not, and the high-speed cutting is swaying, causing the jig saw blade to be chipped or slipped, which not only affects the life of the saw blade. And the cutting effect, but also bring some danger to the operator!

3, do not give too much force when cutting. It is recommended to adjust the speed of the jigsaw according to the hardness of the hammer, and it is generally recommended to be mid-range.

4, in the cutting is necessary to wear overalls and protective glasses, protective gloves, to avoid cutting the high temperature chips brought out to burn the eyes or hands on the skin. When not in use, hang the jig saw blade vertically in a dry space, preferably with anti-rust oil.