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Jig saw blade installation method
Jul 23, 2018

Jig saw blades are widely used in various industries such as woodworking, decoration, and metal materials processing. They are consumables for cutting tools. Therefore, if improperly installed, the loss will be more serious. Therefore, the method of installing the jig saw blade is in place, and the relationship is not only related. Whether the cutting effect of the jig saw blade is smooth and tidy, and also affects the overall service life of the jig saw blade

1. Before installation, check whether the curve is normal, whether the gear position and speed are working normally. If there is no problem, perform the second operation.

2. Install the jig saw blade to check whether the saw card position and the curve are consistent with the center axis.

3. If it is not on a line, it is better to simply trim the interface between the saw blade and the machine card, and then install it again, until the saw card is balanced with the curve according to the center axis.

4. After the jig saw blade is installed, the sawing needs to be adjusted according to the material and hardness of the cutting material.