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How to increase technical content and face market competition in sawing industry
Jul 23, 2018

Sawing industry is a branch of hardware industry, which has developed rapidly in recent years. It has become an indispensable industry in industrial manufacturing. How to deal with the market in the face of market competition?

With the continuous application of modern scientific and technological achievements in the industry, saw blade has become a labor-intensive industry with increasingly high technology content. The production pattern of the curve saw bar, the knife saw bar and the sawing industry, such as the saws of the opening saw, is only the high grade production in the developed countries of Europe and America. In the 70s of last century, the main producing area of the low-grade saws was in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. After 80s, most of the enterprises in the region also turned to high quality curve saw blades, knife saw strips and hole saws, and the mainland has become one of the main bases for the production of medium and low saw blades because of its cost advantages.

From the internal division of the domestic saw industry, the next few years will be the high-speed shock period of the saw industry, which will lead to the expansion of the polarization trend in the current saw branded camp. Survival of the fittest, a group of stronger international competitiveness of hardware enterprises will stand out. The core of the world-renowned saw companies such as HP, BOSCH Bosch, Carney and so on is the real improvement of the company's scientific research capability. If the company can improve the level of the utility design and quality improvement of the sawing products, increase the scientific and technological content of the product, by ensuring the high profit ability brought by the measures such as quality, technology innovation and efficiency, the company will have strong competitiveness in the high grade saw industry to weaken and get rid of the excessive competition of low-grade saw bar products. The profits brought about by the dispute declined and won the first opportunity for development.

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