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How does the jig saw line
Jul 23, 2018

If you want to use the curve to sawn the straight line, at least do two things:

First, it is necessary to make the saw blade plane parallel to the edge of the curve saw, which is the key to sawing the straight line. For careful adjustment, it is best to adjust with a benchmark card and adjust the saw blade with six angle wrench.

Second. To make the saw bar perpendicular to the plane of the bottom of the curve saw, it can be calibrated with a angle ruler. If it is not vertical, a six angle wrench can be used to adjust the clamp of the floor plane and the saw blade.

Angle, when adjusted, lock the bottom plate.

After the two adjustments have been made, basically there is nothing wrong with sawing straight lines. If the material is long, the material can be added to the material, and the G type fixture will be used to clamp the mountain and the saw material. In the course of the saw, the straight line can be saw by the edge of the curve saw.